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Do not store plain sensitive data inside your database

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What's Vaulty


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  1. an open source reverse and forward proxy that modifies (encrypts, decrypts, tokenizes, etc.) HTTP(s) data on the fly and securely stores it in a safe.
  2. a forcefield that blocks sensitive data from reaching your backend, while still allowing you to share it with 3rd parties unaltered.

How it works

Step 1: User submits a form on your site

Traffic from website routed to Vaulty instead of your backend

Step 2: Vaulty intercepts the request, protecting sensitive fields

Vaulty supports attbribute based pseudonymization, encryption, tokenization and many more.

Step 3: Exchanging token for real data

When you need to send the data to a third party, Vaulty intercepts the request again - replacing the token with real data.

The Best Part?

You don't have to change your application logic at all! No code changes! Just set Vaulty as a proxy, and you're done!

Common Use-cases

Keep sensitive data away from developers

With Vaulty, you can prevent developers from accessing sensitive customer data, even with full access to your database.

Isolate handling of sensitive data to just Vaulty

Use Vaulty to isolate the pieces of your infrastructure that handle sensitive data. A breach of your app, or even database would not mean a customer data breach.

Get PCI/HIIPA certified quicker!

By excluding your entire app stack, getting ceritied is much easier!

Not only that, but future audits would also benefit from the reduced compliance scope.

Prevent vendor lock-in

Owning sensitive data means you’re never held hostage to a single provider. Switching providers is simply a matter of configuring new endpoints.

This includes card data, sensitive credentials or any other user data.

Get Started

Vaulty is 100% open sourced! You can check out our Github repo or read the docs for instructions on deploying your own Vaulty instance:

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